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Webinar: Payments Fraud Trends and the U.S. EMV Card Migration: What You Need to Know

Financial institutions and their customers are targets of ever-evolving fraud schemes. This is a concern for small businesses seeking to protect their organization’s payment transactions. That’s why SBA has teamed up with the Federal Reserve to help small businesses learn:

  • Payment instruments that are most vulnerable to fraud schemes
  • Methods and risk management services financial institutions are using to sharpen defenses against fraud attacks
  • Payment fraud trends
  • Fraud-fighting methods and tips to avoid victimization from fraudsters

You will also get an update on the U.S. migration from magnetic strip to EMV cards and what it means for your small business.  Specifically, you will learn how the October 1st card liability shift may impact your business and why the EMV migration may lead to increased losses from card-not-present fraud.

When: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 | 2:003:00 pm ET

Registration is free, but required: http://ems.intellor.com/index.cgi?p=205456&t=71&do=register&s=&rID=432&edID=293

About the presenters:

Katy Jacob is a Payments Information Consultant with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in the Payments Information and Outreach Office; she has more than fifteen years of experience in the financial services and payments industries. In her role at the Minneapolis Fed, she specializes in research and strategy related to emerging payments, payments fraud and issues related to payment standards. Katy also staffs the Remittance Coalition, which is comprised of more than 400 industry partners seeking to promote electronic payments and remittance exchange among businesses.

Mary Hughes, Senior Payments Information Consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, provides analytical and research support to senior managers engaged in payment policy and related issues.  She assists in coordinating the Federal Reserve’s participation in payment standards organizations, serving as the Chair of the Accredited Standards Committee X9C Corporate Banking Subcommittee.  She is the Federal Reserve representative to the EMV Migration Forum and actively monitors developments in the implementation of chip cards in the U.S.

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