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The Denver MBDA Business Center works in partnership with minority business enterprises (MBEs) across the US to grow their businesses and realize new opportunities.
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The Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) is the leadership group of Certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) within the Mountain Plains MSDC. In addition to serving on the MBEIC, the MBEIC Chair serves on the Mountain Plains MSDC’s Board of Directors.

The MBEIC is a critical component in the Mountain Plains MSDC and helps to assist the Mountain Plains MSDC with various issues concerning the MBE community. The MBEIC takes on many tasks throughout their term including:

  • Acting as an advocate for issues related to minority business development
  • Providing a platform for suppliers to network and partner for future business opportunities
  • Supporting the mission of the Mountain Plains MSDC
  • Recommending and developing programs for the Mountain Plains MSDCs MBEs and our diverse partners
  • Serving as a liaison between the MBEs and the Mountain Plains MSDCs Board of Directors


The MPMSDC-MBEIC is a highly motivated group of Certified MBEs who come together in a committee structure and volunteer their time, energy, and resources to advocate, advise and support the Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council on behalf of the MBE body. The MBEIC is not a charted organization. The MBEIC operates as a standing committee of the MPMSDC.

These operating guidelines shall serve as a working document, support the day-to-day operations and provide for orderly and efficient processing of MBEIC business over the next two years. The MBEIC may deviate or take exception to these interim guidelines by a simple majority vote. Permanent changes to these guidelines shall require a three-fifth (60%) approval vote of the MBEIC committee. These guidelines cannot anticipate all future contingencies. As such, it is expected that the MBEIC Chair will develop and recommend courses of action to the MBEIC committee for requirements that are not covered by these guidelines. All changes to these operating guidelines require approval of the Council’s Board of Directors.


The Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) is a combination of elected or appointed certified minority business enterprise representatives who provide counsel, input and recommendations for programs and projects implemented by the Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council (MPMSDC). The MBEIC, with the approval of the MPMSDC Board, provides a program of activities that further the goals and objectives of the MPMSDC and are relevant and in support of the certified MBE community.

The MBEIC shall have officers that provide for an organized structure through which input and recommendations can be shared with the MPMSDC Board, standing committees and the MBE community.

The Mountain Plains MSDC truly appreciates the MBEIC’s contribution to the Council!


Thalia Cherry (Chair)
Kansas City, MO


Denise Christopher (Vice Chair)
CKB Enterprises, Inc.
Denver, CO


Elester “Les” Townsend (Parliamentarian) 
Townsend Management Group, LLC
Denver, CO

Ruth Hollins (Secretary)
SOS Nursing Services, Inc. dba SOS Healthcare Staffing
Aurora, CO


Albert Gonzales
Gonzales Consulting Services
Greenwood Village, CO


Edweena Gilmore
Executive Vice President
Gilmore Construction Corporation
Denver, CO

William King Jr.
95.7 The Boss /  Media Kings Communications
Omaha, NE

Dennis Valerio
Vice President
Quality Office Products
Denver, CO




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