MPMSDC Weekly Bid Newsletter

Denver Public Schools Strategic Sourcing Department is posting bids using an on line bid provider service known as BIDNET.

MBE/WBE’s are encouraged to participate in the bid process. 
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  • On Vehicle Advertising
  • Platte Boiler Replacement
  • US 287 and Niwot Road PnR Improvements
  • 2019-2020 Light Rail Station Painting
Download Solicitation Documents at
Each solicitation includes a summary of the project name, number, name of purchasing agent or buyer and the deadline for bid/proposal submission. 

Denver Current & Upcoming Solicitations
Here is this week’s Current & Upcoming Solicitations, click on the link inside the green rectangle below to view. One of the new upcoming solicitations is “28966 Parking lot asphalt repairs”. This is a great opportunity for a small company to work directly, as a prime, with Denver. 
Interested business representatives are encouraged to attend the pre-proposal meeting and job walk on July 2, 2019 at 1:00 pm local time. We will meet in the front lobby of the Arie P. Taylor Municipal Center at 4685 Peoria St. Denver CO 80239. The proposal terms and conditions will be reviewed and discussed at this time. This will be the only opportunity for vendors to view the location with the project representative. 
Cecilia V. Rivas Schuermann
City and County of Denver
Department of General Services, Purchasing Division
Business Development Coordinator
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Scheduled Bid Openings
Design-Bid-Build Construction Project Advertisements
CDOT posts new advertisements on a bi-weekly schedule. A schedule of future planned advertisement dates is available by clicking on this link – Bid Advertisement Calendar.
Electronic plans and specifications are available to registered contractors at B2G. Please be sure to do an account lookup if you are new to the system as many vendors have been entered by CDOT into the system. This will allow you to reset the password if the proper contacts were entered. Upon registration, you can find the plans and specifications or the plan holders list for each project under the “View” menu by selecting “My Bid Solicitations”. 
Prime contractors are directed to our Rules Governing Construction Bidding for CDOT Projects which details the requirements of Prequalification in Section 2. 
All Design-Bid-Build proposals are processed electronically via Bid Express. Primes must obtain a Digital ID for an agent identified in your prequalification registration. 
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City of Wichita Current & Upcoming Solicitations
Solicitations are shown below along with the department requesting the goods or services and the solicitation due date. To view detail information click the appropriate solicitation number. When applicable click on the “Bid” link to view existing vendor responses for a specific Solicitation. Hint: To find a specific Solicitation, filter the displayed list by entering terms into any or all of the filter criteria fields. Then click the “Filter” button to display the desired result. The solicitations displayed are specific to the list of goods and services associated with your firm. Click on “All Solicitations” to see every solicitation currently available.
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Request for Proposal for City Pipe Infrastructure Design Review PID #20167 – Alameda & Jasmine Area
Solicitation Description:
Denver Water is soliciting proposals for Design/Topographic Mapping Survey services for City Pipe Infrastructure Design Review Project #20167 incorporating several roadway corridors totaling approximately 17,820 linear feet.
Post Date:
June 24, 2019
Due Date:
July 17, 2019
Brandon Maulis, CPSM | Procurement | Contract Specialist
Denver Water | t: (303) 628-6485 | f: (303) 628-6775
1600 West 12th Ave | Denver, CO 80204-3412

3107-19-1500 Addendum 1 (Propane Services – ENREC – Ithaca)

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is requesting proposals from qualified Bidders for a propane prime contract supplier for the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC), 1071 County Road G, Ithaca, NE 68033. It is our intent to receive proposals from qualified Bidders, demonstrating the capability to provide the quality of products and/or services required to meet the needs and objectives of the University and ENREC.
Issue Date & Time: 6/27/2019
Close Date & Time: 7/17/2019
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Submit Upcoming Bid Opportunities to Teshauna Dawkins at

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