Denver Public Schools Business Diversity Public Forum – December 7th

DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg and the Board of Education invite you to a Business Diversity Public Forum. For over twenty years, the DPS Business Diversity Outreach program has been in place to help guide DPS’ efforts to involve diverse businesses in our construction projects. The program helps promote diversity in construction and related contracting for bond-funded capital improvement projects. In the past two years, DPS Board of

Education and administration have led efforts to provide greater opportunities to diverse construction vendors. In order to continue to meet effectively the needs of our vendors, DPS has partnered with MGT of America to conduct an assessment of DPS’ current procurement practices and business diversity program. As part of this assessment, MGT will gather input from DPS vendors and community stakeholders who have participated in the construction procurement process with DPS.


Superintendent Tom Boasberg invites you to

Business Diversity Program Update & Assessment


December 7th 4PM-6:30PM


Evie Garrett Dennis Campus

4800 Telluride St. | Cafetorium of Building 7 | Denver, CO 80249


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