Hi! Some of you are aware that we just started helping METRO (formerly known as Metro Area Transit) on a couple large special projects this year. The first is the Dodge Street BRT (Bus Rapid Transmit) Shelter Project. This is an exciting project, and one that I hope you would consider bidding.  If you bid it as a sub, please get me your bid as soon as possible as I can provide it to GCs known to be bidding this.  You can pick and choose fi you want to work any particular  GC of course. Don’t let the size of the plans scare you – it’s a good thing as METRO has done an excellent job of identifying nearly every situation you will deal with on this project, including traffic phasing, barricading, utility locates, connections, etc.

These are my notes, only meant to help, but you should verify all details related to this project before bidding, and not just rely on my notes which I am providing as a courtesy since you couldn’t make the pre-bid conference.

The Project is to install 24 bus shelters, approximately 9’x28’ long, along various spots on Dodge Street over a 9 month period +/- starting April +/-.  Each shelter will also have a 100’ bus turn lane added in Dodge or Douglas Street for it.  The Project consists of the concrete platforms which are roughly 60’ long, and footings/foundations which Dimensional Innovations of KCMO (the shelter manufacturer) will mount new bus shelters to. The shelters will have lighting, digital signage, roof drains, and may have vending machines and possible water service. In addition to the Dodge/Douglas Street lane replacement, there is also curb/gutter and sidewalk work. Two of the shelters will need a structural knee wall. Much of the work for phasing and traffic coordination is done and in the plans, but the contractor will need to submit their own phasing schedule.  NOTE: due to traffic density, and sensitivity to the public, you can work on these in pairs, but Metro will not allow any site in progress to be idle, meaning, plan on focusing on them one at a time, knowing that 2 or 3 shelters will be delivered each month, and the platforms are expected to be 100% for shelter delivery. Pairs cannot be directly across the street from each other so that only 1 lane of Dodge or Douglas is closed at a time for each location impacted.

They are requesting 2 bid alternates. The project is designed with conductive concrete, but they want an alternate for each location of what the alternative price would be with normal concrete.  They want the flexibility to pick and choose which locations get conductive concrete and which don’t.  The KCMO bus system just did something similar, and METRO has a contact there who can answer questions about this type of work if needed.

There are handouts from the non-mandatory pre-bid conference for METRO’s Dodge Street BRT Shelter project.  I made some notes on the sheets, but my notes/observations are explained below:

–        Requests for clarifications and/or substitutions must be made by 4 PM on Tuesday February 12th, using the form that is in the package

–        It’s Federally funded with a 14% DBE goal.  You don’t have to be a DBE to bid, and you can use DBE subs like some of our participants are for your bidding.

–        You must acknowledge receipt of all addenda, and mark the # of addendums, on the bid form

–        The bid bond which must be attached to your bid is 5%

–        This is Davis Bacon wages

–        Bid due February 26th at 2 PM, and there will be a public bid opening.

–        MUD has some unrelated utility betterment work they are doing between 18th & 20th & Dodge, but they are aware of this project, but you should be aware that is an additional item that will need to be factored in to your schedule.

–        The City is also doing a separate project along side of this that you might want to bid on with this, and that is a right turn pocket at 72nd & Dodge.

–        Construction on Dodge east of 33rd is not allowed during June.

–        Drawings are available at Standard Share or at METRO’s website http://www.ometro.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ORBT-Drawings.pdf

Please let me know how else I can help, and what questions you may have. Also let me know If you are bidding this or not. Reply directly to me at robert.pelshaw@daviscompanies.com.


Bob Pelshaw

Technical Specialist

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