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The Mountain Plains Council would be nothing without our talented, driven, and inspiring MBEs.  We are grateful to each one of you for dedication and support and want to take the time to feature some of your stories.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Building Energy Solutions & Technology, Inc. or Bes-Tech, is a leader in energy efficient building systems technologies. Under the leadership of CEO Mingsheng Liu, Bes-Tech was established in 2004 and has been a certified MBE with the Mountain Plains Council since 2014.  Holding over 20 patents on energy conservation technology, Bes-tech has developed ultimate energy solution controllers for small commercial buildings (Digi-RTU), large commercial buildings (Digi-VAV), and industrial plants (Digi-VFS). These intelligent controllers are plug and play, and completely transferable.

“Channel Partners” are contracted with and certified by Bes-Tech creating a partnership that has proven to be very beneficial for both Bes-Tech and the certified commercial HVAC companies.  Utilizing Channel Partners Bes-Tech technology has been installed nationally and internationally in healthcare and industrial facilities, office and government buildings, retail environments, and at sites within the hospitality industry.

Bes-tech and its “Chanel Partners” provide comprehensive energy and green emission solutions to large corporations nationally and internationally to reduce HVAC energy consumption as much as 50% using their Digi products. Contact Bes-tech 402-502-2340, for details.

Bes-Tech has received recognition and rewards for their performance and innovation including the 2011 DEED Innovation Award from the American Public Power Association, Los Angeles Better Building Challenge 2030 Districts and the NY Power Innovation Collaborative.

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